NEW YORK – New York University’s  Langone Medical Center plans to reopen its doctors’ offices and out-patient  procedure and testing sites on Monday but its emergency department remains  closed after the hospital lost power due to Hurricane Sandy.

The  hospital, which was forced to evacuate its patients on Monday night, said on  Sunday that it had no update yet on when it would be able to start taking in  over-night patients again or when its emergency department would be back up and  running.

In a statement issued Friday night, the hospital said that  patients with previously scheduled appointments should call 866-724-1830 to  confirm the location of their appointments.

The Hospital for Joint  Diseases is still open and The Center for Muscuskelatal Care and the Clinical  Cancer Center will also reopen on Monday November 5, according to the hospital.

However it advised patients of the Clinical Cancer Center and the  Stephen D. Hassenfeld Children’s Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders who want  to reach their doctor to call 800-400-8566 in the interim.

The Langone  Medical Center evacuated its 215 patients, including critically ill infants, and  closed its doors on Monday night after its back-up power generator failed  because of flooding its basement.

Source: NBC News


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