By Barry Rubin, Rubin Reports
A self-interview

Q: How can the United States become the ally of the Muslim Brotherhood, a one-time Nazi collaborator which has never changed its political line since; a movement to impose Sharia states and restore the caliphate; a movement that is genocidal against Jews, and is also anti-Christian, anti-Shia (all Shia, not just the Islamists), wants to kill gays and make women into second-class citizens?

Q: How can the United States–the very same politicians–oppose support for the pro-American Nicaraguan Contras against the pro-Communist Sandinistas but now support with arms the ant-American Syrian rebels–Brotherhood and worse?

Q: How can the U.S. government stand by passively and watch four American officials be murdered by al-Qaida in Libya?

Q: How can the U.S. government pretend that the Israel-Palestinian peace process is going to work when the Palestinians refuse to negotiate for a dozen years, and the Palestinian Authority, because of Hamas ruling Gaza, doesn’t even represent the Palestinians?

Q: How can the U.S. government support the Mursi Egyptian regime–anti-American and wanting to install Sharia in a strict version–yet refuse to back the pro-American Mubarak regime?

Q: How can the U.S. government allow internal influences on itself by the Muslim Brotherhood?

Q: How can the U.S. government censor what the military and FBI teaches the people on the front lines of the counterterrorist struggle so that they don’t even understand political Islamism?

Q: How can Israel be constantly criticized for intransigence despite the risks and concessions it has taken during the last 21 years while the Palestinian Authority is portrayed as moderate and flexible when it won’t even talk and continues to glorify terrorists and almost always reject Israel’s existence?

Q: How can the Western media portray the new Iranian president as a moderate when he has always been a mainstream regime security official and hasn’t even done anything yet?

Q: How can the U.S. government ignore a dozen years’ record of an Islamizing regime in Turkey, the destruction of democratic institutions, and now the violent suppression of peaceful demonstrations?

Q; How is anti-Israel sentiment reaching record heights in the American elite without any real reaction from the American Jewish community and support for the actual policies–though not the cultural-ideological manifestations–by American Jewish politicians?

Q: How can U.S. policy negotiate with the Taliban when anyone should see that this will signal the Afghan government that it cannot trust Washington and there’s also that little matter of September 11?

Q: How can the U.S. government and media constantly criticize Israel as intransigent when the Palestinian Authority has refused to negotiate seriously for 12 years while Israel has been ready to talk at any time without preconditions and has repeatedly made concessions to encourage talks?

A:[As I finish this article here is the AP headline: “Kerry Heading Home, Eager to Return to Jerusalem.” I mean how can you satirize this: OK, says Kerry, should I focus on Egypt, Syria, or whether Palestinian terrorists with blood on their hands be released and how many months Israel can’t build apartment houses to get the …read more
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