President Barack Hussein Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton double down on their groveling by appearing in a commercial on Pakistani TV issueing further apologies for the murder of Americans by muslims.

What they should have done was to reassert American ideals and defend America’s constitutional right to free speech. The message they should have sent to the muslim world was that their attempts to use violent intimidation to get us to relinquish our free speech rights are futile.

Instead of groveling and apologizing for America’s freedom, Obama and Hillary should have told Pakistan to respect the human rights of women and the tiny number of Christians and Hindus still remaining in the country after most were driven out. They should have told Pakistan to release the 14 year old Christian girl with down’s syndrome who was arrested for blasphemy and in any case was framed. Instead of apologizing for America’s freedoms, they should be telling Pakistan to rid itself of the brutal, cruel and horrific sharia law.

To do all this would require real leadership and love and reverence for Americanism and the belief in American exceptionalism,  qualities lacking in this internationalist, post-American presidency.

Source: IsraPundit




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