President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign unveiled “Rabbis for Obama”–a group of more than 600 rabbis from across the country–at a time when Republicans are hoping to erode the Democrat’s wide lead among Jewish voters.

“Their ringing endorsement of President Obama speaks volumes about the president’s deep commitment to the security of the state of Israel and his dedication to a policy agenda that represents the values of the overwhelming majority of the American Jewish community,” Ira Forman, the campaign’s Jewish Outreach Director, said in a statement.

The announcement came with a state-by-state list of the rabbis backing Obama, who leads Romney 68 percent to 25 percent among Jewish voters according to a recent Gallup poll.

The respected polling organization has noted that Obama’s support among Jewish voters has slipped from a 74-23 percent edge before the 2008 election. Republicans have repeatedly assailed the president’s approach to Iran and often tense relations with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu–but the sour economy is a more likely factor in Obama’s support, which has dipped among voters in general.

Source: Yahoo News


  1. If you ever wonder why the Jews are easy perceptible to everything, wonder no more. How a Jewish person can even think of endorsing this Muslim Bum, is beyond comprehension!

    What are you guys thinking? How much money did you get? Did you want your neighbor to love you? Or do you think the Arabs will love you? What the *** Are you thinking?

  2. Does this also come from the “Guilt” we feel as Jewish people? There must be an end to this madness, it is out of control

  3. the list is definitely a joke but sadly there are 600 Jews having the Chutzpah to endorse this man. From a mere common-sense point-of-view, this man does not deserve an endorsement from any American, let alone a Jewish American

  4. “Rabbis for Romney”

    With the announcement that there is now a “Rabbis for Obama” list and organization, it is safe to assume there will soon be as making it seem as though all Jews support this President who has refused to visit Israel while in office, blatantly insulted the Israel and her elected leaders, and publicly demanded that the Jewish state retreat to the 1948 “Auschwitz” borders. He even made a tremendous fuss when Israel dared to announce a building plan in her own capital. The announcement came just as Vice-President Biden was visiting, and Obama reacted as if Israel had announced that Arabs would no longer be allowed at their holy sites. Indeed, it is the Arabs, presumably with Obama’s approval (because he has never said a word against it), who do not allow Jews or Christians to so much as think a prayer on the Temple Mount. Closing one’s eyes and standing still (never mind carrying a prayer book) is an offense that can lead to arrest.

    I appeal to all rabbis, of all denominations, whether working in the pulpit, as I do, or not, to band with me to form “Rabbis for Romney.” It is imperative that all Americans understand that there are passionate Jewish spiritual leaders who care very much about the wrongs done to the Jewish state under this administration.

    Every time Obama sounded as if he finally understood the problems, he almost immediately issued a retraction. I refer specifically to his address at AIPAC when he said Jerusalem was the undivided capital of Israel. The next day, he said he meant only that there shouldn’t be “barbed wire” running through the city.

    When he said Israel did not need to worry because “America has your back,” everyone at AIPAC thought he was ready to defend Israel against Iran in every way, not just diplomatically. The next day, he corrected himself, explaining he had not meant there was “a military doctrine we were laying out for any particular action.”

    Some of the rabbis who signed onto “Rabbis for Obama” have told me they do not object to Israel’s existence per se, but rather to Israel’s “occupation of Palestinian land.” “Rabbis for Romney” could show our misguided colleagues that every time Israel has ceded territory to the Arabs, they have turned that land into a base from which to launch terror attacks: Gaza, Judea and Samaria, South Lebanon, and now Sinai. Forcing Israel to surrender will never bring about peace. It will only facilitate her enemies’ destructive promises.

    But Israel would not be our only issue. Americans must see that “Rabbis for Romney” understand why the principles of ObamaCare are in opposition to Jewish traditions. Who better than rabbis to explain what this economy is doing to so many of our people, and why it is being made worse by this administration’s policies, not better.

    Many of us also know that vouchers and school-choice programs are the only way to make sure all children—including our own—receive a proper, appropriate education. We will never get anywhere with this idea as long as Obama is in office.

    Please do not misunderstand. I do not think Romney is, le havdil, Moshiach ben Dovid. I know, as President, he will, as he should, do what he believes is in America’s best national interest. But his and his running mate’s backgrounds and statements make it clear that their response to Israel, especially when the chips are down, will be far more favorable than anything we can expect from Obama.

    If you’d like to join me in this effort, please contact me at 732-572-2766 or by email at

    Rabbi Bernhard Rosenberg


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