By Larry Gordon –

It looks like the right leaning media has got him by the tail. As Peggy Noonan said in the Wall Street Journal a few weeks ago, Barrack Obama is not a lame duck president—he’s just lame.

With three and a half years to go in his new and current term the Obama administration is weekly looking more like a spoofy reality edition of what could be Comedy Central’s take on what a presidential administration looks like.

Here they are on Benghazi at a loss to understand what or why it happened when four Americans including our ambassador to Libya were murdered. Then there they are a few minutes later trying to explain the attack was caused by a You Tube parody that denigrated Islam or insulted some Moslems. Then they are appearing before Congress saying that they didn’t really mean that but that they said it because at the time they did not have enough information to know otherwise. At first Mr. Obama could not say what happened there because it was too soon. Now at this point they cannot say definitively what took place in Benghazi because it happened too long ago.

And it’s the same story on Syria’s wholesale slaughter of nearly 100,000 of its citizens with the use of chemical warfare. There was Mr. Obama explaining in a lawyerly fashion why the US is not engaged in ending the killing. In Yiddish it’s called “fumfering”. There he is explaining that he has not been able to conclude definitively that poison gases have been used by Bashar Assad, saying essentially that he has not inhaled the gas with his own nose so he is therefore not 100% certain or sure enough to act.

Same thing with eavesdropping on Americans, we are doing it but not really. Likewise on the IRS situation, the system has been abused and people have been unfairly and harshly dealt with, but the President assures us it will not happen again. Try telling that to an IRS auditor, “Oh that $250,000 deduction that was silly, but let’s forget about it and I promise it won’t happen again.” That should do the trick.

Barrack Obama is a standby observer to his own presidency watching aghast as things he has no idea are taking place happening around him—leading from behind.


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