How many times does President Obama have to get it wrong for we, the citizens of the United States, to finally draw a definitive conclusion that there is something terribly wrong here.

Obama’s firm support of deposed Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi—now under arrest or protection of the military in that country—has us all, but especially the president looking silly and amateurish.

The president is glib and quick to react on all sorts of issues but of late when questioned on key global issues has had that lost little boy look that has him desperately floating from cautions word to carefully selected word hoping that when he achieves punctuation that whatever he said makes some sense.

As Charles Krauthammer of Fox News says repeatedly, this president has a knack for “leading from behind.” That’s what Obama did in Libya and now that is where he finds himself on the evolving situation in Egypt. Talk show host Michael Savage was saying last night on his national radio program that he feels that the Egyptian people on some levels are freer that we are here in the US. He explained that in Egypt the leadership figured out how to rid themselves of a poor democratic choice and as a people have joined together to correct their mistakes. He said that at this point in this country we neither have that ability or mechanism to effectuate change.

President Obama has developed into quite a statesman over the last five years. It just may have been a classic example of too little, much too late. The presidency of the United States is not a position that usually features on the job training. So in the meantime as Obama bungles and searches for the words that he hopes will sound coherent, the world chuckles and we are stuck. Good luck to us all. What a way to celebrate. Happy July 4th.


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