By Larry Gordon

The president hesitating on his commitment to teach Syria a lesson about the use of chemical weaponry to gas civilians is an issue that is overblown. Yes, Mr. Obama did say more than just a few times that the use of such chemicals would be considered by him and the US government as crossing a red line. And you know what happens once you cross that red line?

And therein lies the real issue at hand. Did anyone see a red line? I certainly didn’t. If anything the red line that was alleged to have been crossed by the Syrians was an imaginary one that could not be produced as evidence in any court of law especially the International Court in the Hague.

Did anyone see President Obama actually draw a red line on a piece of oak tag the way that Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu drew a red line on a childish drawing on a bomb that looked like a light bulb in the front the United Nations General Assembly last year. Does Barrack Obama have such a drawing, does the administration even have both a black and red magic marker at the ready to hammer home the seriousness of these points to the international community? Apparently not.

And even if Syria did cross some kind of line with that chemical gas assault that killed over 1400 people including 426 children according to UN inspectors, who says that the line was really red. Maybe it was an orange or yellow line, you know the type of color that on a traffic signal we all kind of slide through when driving and saying to ourselves, “Oops, was that light turning red, naah, it was yellow or orange and didn’t turn red until I was across the intersection.” Right? Sure.

And then there is the issue of Barrack Obama’s color blindness. I’m not talking about Trayvon Martin who could have been hi son if he had a son. This is not the time to comment on the Presidents aloofness, absolute silence or lack of concern for the white Australian athlete gunned down two weeks ago by black teenagers in Oklahoma who were bored and looking to have some fun by killing a random person. That’s an issue for another day and another essay.

I mean I don’t know specifically that the president suffers from traditional clinical color blindness but then again I do not know conclusively that he does not. So maybe he is waiting for Syria to cross that red line but has so far been only able to identify the line crossed as yellow or orange? And perhaps he needs Congress to help him recognize the color of the line that was crossed.

The real debate taking place today is whether this Obama routine is more like Abbott and Costello or similar to a Three Stooges routine. You can rest assured there is an abundance of material here for the premier of Saturday Night Live. Either way the world is having a good laugh.


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