Ted Belman. There is no mention of the other pillar in Obama’s foreign policy namely his embrace of the Muslim Brother. I think had its genesis in another study which suggested that the secular dictators should be replaced. Three down, Mubarak, Hussein and Qaddafi. Assad to go. Can anyone remember the study?

by David P Goldman, PJ Media
February 8, 2015

Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates and others in the Bush administration led the way toward American appeasement of Iran.

Over at Mosaic Magazine, former Bush aideMichael Doran claims that the Obama administration has had a secret strategy to engage Iran from the time it took office.

He’s right, but he neglects to mention that George W. Bush and his national security advisor, Condoleezza Rice, adopted the same strategy from the same source in November 2006, after the Republicans got crushed in congressional elections. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld got a pink slip, Vice President Dick Cheney got benched, and “realist” Robert Gates—the co-chairman of the 2004 Council on Foreign Relations task force that advocated a deal with Iran—took over at Defense. Michael Doran reports all of this, all, that is, except Gates’ central role in the plan. That would place a good deal of the blame at Bush’s doorstep.

Writes Doran:

When he arrived in Washington in 2006, [Obama] absorbed a set of ideas that had incubated on Capitol Hill during the previous three years–ideas that had received widespread attention thanks to the final report of the Iraq Study Group, a bipartisan congressional commission whose co-chairs, former secretary of state James Baker and former Indiana congressman Lee Hamilton, interpreted their mission broadly, offering advice on all key aspects of Middle East policy.

The report, published in December 2006, urged then-President Bush to take four major steps:

withdraw American troops from Iraq; surge American troops in Afghanistan; reinvigorate the Arab-Israeli “peace process”; and, last but far from least, launch a diplomatic engagement of the Islamic Republic of Iran and its junior partner, the Assad regime in Syria.
All correct, except that the 2006 congressional report was a carbon copy of the Council on Foreign Relations report of 2004, written under the supervision of Gates and Zbigniew Brzezinski, Jimmy Carter’s national security advisor. When Gates replaced Rumsfeld in 2006, I lamented:

Like King Saul conjuring the spirit of the prophet Samuel, President George W Bush has conjured the undead of his father’s administration, namely the Baker-Hamilton “Iraq Study Group”. Samuel’s ghost told Saul in effect (I Samuel 28), “You’re toast,” and the unfortunate president will hear the same message from his new defense secretary, Robert M Gates, and the rest of his fellow spooks.

Doran admonishes Obama for believing that the United States, not Iran, is responsible for emnity between the two countries. That was the central thesis of the 2004 Gates-Brzezinski document, which I quote:

The elimination of Saddam Hussein’s regime has unequivocally mitigated one of Iran’s most serious security concerns. Yet regime change in Iraq has left Tehran with potential chaos …read more

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