By Miriam Baum Benkoe

The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy brought about the complete remodeling of the Oceanside mikveh. The mikveh was established in April 1984 and has served Oceanside and the surrounding communities since that time. After Hurricane Sandy caused great damage to the entire mikveh facility, the mikveh was closed for eight months and then was reopened as a state-of-the-art, luxurious facility, featuring Jacuzzi-style bathtubs, a music system, and other spa-like amenities. The mikveh was rededicated with a chanukatha’bayit on December 15, 2013, with Rebbetzin Aviva Feiner as our keynote speaker. The mikveh itself was dedicated in memory of Judy Williams, a’h; the immersion pool in memory of Rebbetzin Peshy Brudny, a’h, and in memory of Rebbetzin Brana Geldwerth, a’h, may their memories be blessed.

We were fortunate to receive assistance from Mikvah USA, an organization dedicated to the establishment and renovation of mikvaot nationwide. For this we are truly grateful. Helene Schiffmiller, president of the Mikveh Association of Oceanside, has noted that we have just passed the first anniversary of the 2013 rededication, and we will always remember with great hakarat ha’tov, not only the assistance and encouragement we received from Mikvah USA, but also the backing and dedicated energies of members of the Oceanside community, who took a hands-on role in the repair and reconstruction of the mikveh building. Their endless labors and support have enhanced the mikveh experience for countless women using the Oceanside mikveh.

The Oceanside mikveh is located at 3397 Park Avenue. For more information, please call 516-766-3242.


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