Anti-Semitic vandalism at Cedarhurst LIRR station
Anti-Semitic vandalism at Cedarhurst LIRR station
Anti-Semitic vandalism
at Cedarhurst LIRR station

Assemblyman Todd Kaminsky repeated his call for security cameras at the Cedarhurst Long Island Railroad station after another swastika was found there, etched into a pane of glass–the second swastika at the stop in just two weeks.

“Swastikas and other symbols of hate have no place in our community–and the despicable, cowardly criminals who commit acts such as these must be brought to justice immediately,” Kaminsky, a former government prosecutor, said. “I again strongly urge the LIRR to install security cameras at the Cedarhurst station to prevent any further hate crimes. We must let these bigots know that our community will not tolerate their attempts to spread hatred.”

On January 4, days after a previous swastika was found at the Cedarhurst station, Kaminsky wrote a letter calling for cameras at the stop and elsewhere in the train system:

“This station, as well as others nearby, experienced these hateful displays on far too many occasions,” the letter read. “I urge the LIRR to install cameras on the train station platforms in this and other stations that have been defaced by perpetrators of hate crimes. Such cameras would aid law enforcement authorities in catching those who commit these terrible acts or deter such acts in the first place.”

Senior Councilman Anthony Santino has also expressed concern over the situation. After a local resident contacted his office on Monday morning to report the incident, a member of his staff reached out to Mr. Robert Brennan, director of Government Affairs for the LIRR, who directed MTA personnel to once again remove these vile anti-Semitic symbols. Thanks to Mr. Brennan’s expeditious response, the swastika was removed within an hour of the call. Councilman Santino is pursuing further action, writing to Thomas Prendergast, chairman and CEO of the MTA, “Immediately removing offensive, hateful displays of vandalism is a crucial aspect of recognizing the severity of a matter and acting decisively to mitigate it. The present circumstances and history concerning anti-Semitic vandalism at the Cedarhurst LIRR station platform, however, call for further measures. Specifically, to merely have effective systems in place to efficiently minimize offense or fear, after the fact, falls short of the decisive measures that must be undertaken to prevent such incidents, once and for all.” Santino calls for “the immediate installation of surveillance cameras on the Cedarhurst LIRR station platform [which] will deprive a depraved individual of the freedom to indulge in wanton destruction of public property and unchecked aggression against Jewish residents, and the sensibilities of all who detest the ugliness of hatred, and demand our able assistance to remove it from our midst.”


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