x1Donna Schapiro, a resident of Ohel Bais Ezra’s Hewlett residence, had much to celebrate this week as she finished studying the book of Tehillim in its entirety. On Monday, June 17, the women from Bais Ezra’s Hewlett home gathered for a celebration in honor of Donna’s hard work. There was excitement, enthusiasm, and a celebratory barbecue. Donna took copious notes of her learning schedule, which would make even an advanced student jealous.

Jennifer Pollack, who learns with Donna, said about her, “She is a creative soul who loves and appreciates art, calligraphy, and poetry. Her neshamah loves to sing and to soar and to learn.” She said that Donna loves to bake and share with her friends.

In honor of Donna’s siyum, she was presented with a certificate of achievement, as well as a book about Europe, because of her love of traveling. She was also given a special women’s English and Hebrew siddur, in honor of her finishing Tehillim. v


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