On Thursday, October 22, Ohel staff and clients joined the thousands of women across the world in preparation for this year’s Global Shabbos Project. A group of several women gathered at the home of Ohel event-coordinator Meital Fishhaut and spent an evening baking challahs in preparation for Shabbat. Chanie, who lives in an Ohel-supported apartment, had the opportunity to make the l’hafrishchallah and yehiratzon blessings, and all participants felt a renewed personal connection to Shabbat as they joined and kneaded together.

“Baking challah for Shabbat is an important mitzvah for women, and I am so glad to have the opportunity to share that mitzvah with individuals from our many Ohel residences,” said Meital. Starting in South Africa, the movement that is now called the Global Shabbos Project has brought hundreds of thousands of Jews together to open their doors to all their Jewish neighbors, regardless of denomination, and to celebrate Shabbos together.

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