Ohel Children’s Home and Family Services is proud to announce that Kadimah, its psychosocial club, will be converting to PROS (personalized recovery-oriented services) on July 1. The Kadimah PROS team will include professional staff and clinicians that will work with clients to help them move towards recovery, by working with them on achieving their life goals.

Just like others, adults managing their mental illness aspire to reach their potential, become productive members of society, and be integrated into the community. At Ohel’s Kadimah, members work on building self-confidence, employment, and social skills, which help members move forward in life. Program participation is individualized and geared towards the members’ needs.

Just a partial list of the programs offered at Kadimah are employment assistance, life skills training, planned recreational and cultural activities, computer training, health and wellness programs, and educational advancement.

For many individuals with a mental illness, their skills and accomplishments are unfortunately often overlooked. However, at Ohel’s Kadimah program, individuals with mental illness, as well as prospective employers, are encouraged to see the skills and talents of this part of the labor force. Ohel has helped countless individuals find work best suited to their specific skillset.

Participants of Ohel’s Kadimah program have paying jobs around the metropolitan New York area and are contributing members of their community. Participants have jobs in retail, social service agencies, food establishments, clerical offices, pharmacies, doctors’ offices, and warehouses. Chaim, who loves to cook, is now working in a Brooklyn supermarket preparing the salads and side dishes. He says about his job, “I like working here, because now I know I can do anything.” Moshe, another participant in Ohel’s Kadimah program, works at a local pizza store, folding boxes and making sure that the refrigerators are always fully stocked. When asked if he likes his job, he said, “It’s great to have this job. I can be just like everybody else.”

Being employed instills a sense of responsibility and purpose in the employee, which transcends a weekly paycheck. Workplaces offer a sense of camaraderie that helps individuals in all different situations excel, in and out of the workplace. These jobs have enriched their lives and have helped them in the recovery process.

For more information about Ohel’s Kadimah, please contact Kadimah today at 718-686-3400, kadimah@ohelfamily.org, or visit www.ohelfamily.org/kadimah. v


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