The problem of divorce in the Jewish world has gained much attention in recent years. With divorce rates climbing in the Jewish community, there is a good chance you or someone you know needs guidance in the post-divorce world.

Various community seminars have addressed numerous divorce-related topics, including the increasing rate of divorce, the possible reasons for it, and potential solutions to an amicable separation. However there is a dearth of services that address the specific needs of the post-divorce, non-residential parent–usually the father.

Ohel Children’s Home and Family Services is running a new workshop, “Devoted Dads,” dedicated to meeting this need. This important parenting workshop for divorced, non-residential fathers will address the numerous concerns of those in this situation, such as how to enrich the visitation experience, how to stay connected to your own children from a distance, and confronting stigma.

The workshop will be presented by Dov Wilkes, a therapist at Ohel’s Tikvah Center. Dov says about the event, “This workshop will speak to the specific concerns of non-residential fathers and will provide them with the necessary skills and techniques that they can utilize in their parenting role.”

Ohel’s Devoted Dads workshop launches on Wednesday, February 12, in the main Ohel office, located at 4510 16th Ave in Brooklyn. For more information or to register, simply visit, or call 800-603-OHEL. v


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