OHEL Launches Online Mental Health Support Service



OHEL Children’s Home & Family Services announces the launch of a critical service that will provide accessible tele-mental-health support to anyone in need nationally. This initiative will provide a multitude of much-needed support tools in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to virtually attend to the growing demands of the many clients that OHEL serves — families, residents in OHEL homes, older adults, and beyond.

While there are countless online resources available in various communities, OHEL is the only one-stop resource for every individual facing this crisis with new challenges and growing conflicts. OHEL is equipped to offer no-cost virtual tele-support sessions, in brief but impactful 15-minute increments, so anyone struggling with the current crisis can get help, anytime, anywhere. A 15-minute check-in with a qualified mental-health professional will be a breakthrough service to aid in coping, anxiety management, and other pressing conditions.

OHEL is working around the clock and has assembled a team of mental-health experts in the field to offer these remote crisis management services. OHEL’s crisis team includes Dr. Norman Blumenthal, director of trauma, Tzivy Reiter, LCSW, director of children’s services, and their staff from the Marvin Kaylie Tikvah Center at OHEL.

Additional response services include easy access to webinars on the following topics: Managing Anxiety & Worry, How to Live with Quarantine, Insights on Dealing with Various Children’s Needs, Dealing with Anxieties in your Office or Healthcare Facility, Zoom Support Groups, facilitated by a variety of OHEL professionals, offering the following focused sessions: Parent Survival Guide, Grief & Consolation in a Time of Isolation, Shalom Bayis Under Quarantine, Pesach Without Panic, Music & Mindfulness, Helping Adult Children Cope, and much more.

As the situation continues to unfold, OHEL is here for you and with you during the COVID-19 pandemic. For more information, visit OHELFamily.org/covid19 or call 800-603-OHEL.

OHEL Children’s Home and Family Services offers a breadth of services that meet the everyday needs of individuals and families. To access more information or services, please call 1-800-603-OHEL, email access@ohelfamily.org, or visit OHELFamily.


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