Over 200 participants, from New York to Los Angeles, Toronto to Israel, attended Ohel’s recent live and free webinar “Enhancing the Marital Relationship.”

Leading Ohel marriage and family experts Dr. Hindie M. Klein and Simcha Feuerman, LCSW‑R, provided professional insights into the spousal relationship and practical steps to uplift any marriage. The “12 Transformational Tools to Defuse Marital Conflict” that were presented were based on Rabbi Feuerman’s new book Marriage 911, which he coauthored with his wife, Chaya Feuerman, LCSW‑R.

Dr. Hindie Klein, Ohel’s director of clinical projects, commented, “The number and diversity of attendees–from spouses to mental-health professionals, and from geographical locations around the globe–reflects a universal understanding of the increasing everyday challenges that can strain any good marriage. To see such proactive engagement by couples and professionals is highly commendable.”

Some of the tools discussed included how to properly manage anxiety, and how to root out passive-aggressive behavior. Another key tool emphasized was never turn down an apology, as well as to take full responsibility for your part of the problem.

Simcha Feuerman, Ohel’s director of operations, conveyed that “with over 44 years of experience in the community, Ohel is the go-to source for expertise and experience in mental health, and now, via the Web, is reaching an audience far and wide.”

For those that missed the live webinar, the entire session was recorded, and is live on ohelfamily.org.

On Tuesday, November 19, at 7:30 p.m., Ohel will be hosting another free, live webinar, directed towards caregivers in the “sandwich generation”. The webinar is in part sponsored through a grant from the Claims Conference.

As the baby-boom generation comes of age, more and more people find themselves confronted by the challenges of caring for their aging parents, while simultaneously supporting their own children. The webinar will provide practical advice on how to address the many issues and ensure a high quality of life for our loved ones.

Harriet Blank, LCSW‑R, a noted expert in gerontology and Ohel’s director of geriatric services, will be co-leading the webinar with Dr. Hindie M. Klein, Ohel’s director of clinical projects. Dr. Klein notes, “Today, parents and loved ones are living longer. As the generation of aging adults continues to grow, caregiving becomes more and more of a universal concern. Many in the sandwich generation know how overwhelming caregiving can become. Who comes first, your children and husband or your aging loved one? And is there ever any room left for you? How can you learn to juggle successfully? This webinar will provide a wealth of information on one of the most important topics of today, and will include practical suggestions on how you can take care of everyone, including yourself!” You can register for free at: www.ohelfamily.org/webinar.

Since 1969, Ohel Children’s Home and Family Services has served as a dependable haven of individual and family support, helping people of all ages surmount everyday challenges, heal from trauma, and manage with strength and dignity during times of crises. Driven by service excellence, Ohel’s professional staff meet the myriad social service needs of the general community, while at the same time providing culturally-sensitive services to the Jewish community, including Yiddish, Hebrew, and Russian speakers. Through highly-rated foster care, developmental disability, mental-health, and other programs and services, Ohel provides supportive housing, treatment, care coordination, education, outreach, and much more to elevate lives and strengthen individuals and communities in New York City, Long Island, New Jersey, Florida, California, and worldwide on the Web. v


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