On Tuesday, September 24, Ohel’s 41st Street residence hosted a simchas beis hashoeivah–a chol hamoed Sukkos party.

Residents from Ohel’s adult mental-health programs–including the community residence programs, apartment treatment program, and supported housing programs–attended the celebration. The exciting event drew a large turnout.

The sukkah was beautifully decorated, with decorations and posters. There was lively conversation throughout the evening, and some of the residents gave divrei Torah, speaking about the unique and exciting beis hashoeivah, as well as the holiday of Sukkos. Michoel Estreicher, who spoke at the event, said that “it was very leibidik, and I enjoyed the warm environment and camaraderie.”

There was inspiring Jewish music playing throughout the evening, with some lively dancing as well. Nosh and refreshments were enjoyed by all.

Alex Mintz, Ohel area coordinator, commented, “It was wonderful to see individuals from Ohel’s residents socializing with one another and with staff–and all having a great time in an informal and relaxed environment.”

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