Ohel Bais Ezra continues to provide shelter and services to many men and women with developmental disabilities evacuated from Ohel residences in Arlington, Woodmere, Hewlett, and Lawrence. Many of these residents are being accommodated at The Regency Hotel in Brooklyn, given the damage inflicted on a number of Ohel residences that cannot be occupied in the immediate future–or some for months.

The needs of individuals with disabilities at such disruptive times are much more severe and Ohel’s employees have been exhaustively working to help manage what can otherwise be a most traumatic transition–even if temporary.

Ohel Bais Ezra employees Miriam and Hadar helped evacuate the women from the Woodmere residence on the Sunday of the storm. Despite experiencing significant loss and damage to their own homes, they have both continued to work tirelessly, counseling the adult women, helping them replace their lost items, with little preoccupation for their own possessions that have been lost.

Gordon, the house manager at Arlington, was awake for three straight days, first saving people in the community as a firefighter and first responder and then working with the families of the boys in the home as part of his Ohel responsibilities.

Gordon waded through five feet of toxic water in a wetsuit throughout Monday night, pulling people from their homes at incredible personal risk. He then did everything he could to protect and secure what was left of the Ohel Bais Ezra Arlington Road house. He was cheerful and upbeat despite knowing full well that his own home and personal belongings were destroyed.

The actions and dedication of staff and the house manager at Ohel Bais Ezra’s evacuated and severely damaged home in Arlington reflects the commitment of all Ohel employees to those in their care.


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