Ohel Children’s Home and Family Services strives to integrate individuals with disabilities into our community. Ohel Shabbatonim play an important role, both providing Ohel individuals with a warm and welcoming experience and educating the wider community about the abilities of all.

In the Great Neck Synagogue, individuals from Ohel Bais Ezra residences spent a beautiful Shabbos with staff members and community families. The residence members were welcomed with open arms and they davened in the main minyan, receiving many different aliyot and kibbudim. Well over 100 people attended the meals, including the hosts and their children. Divrei Torah and thank you speeches were delivered by the individuals who attended. Zmirot and dancing were followed by dessert, benching, and then home to the hosts for some time to relax.

On the other side of town, in Brooklyn, members from different Ohel Bais Ezra residences attended a Shabbaton along with members from Kol Israel and the Yeshiva of Flatbush. The Ohel residents received numerous aliyot and kibbudim during davening and gave divrei Torah during Shacharis, lunch, and between Mincha/Ma’ariv in the main shul.

For more information about Ohel’s numerous programs and services in your own community, please contact Ohel at 800-603-OHEL, askohel@ohelfamily.org or www.ohelfamily.org. v


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