A significant increase in Jewish family divorces has led to a call for action by agencies like Ohel for the sake of the children. The program offers mediation and mentoring workshops that offer help and guidance toward a healthy divorce and ultimately helps break down the stigma that comes with divorce.

Jewish families often experience stigma when they go through divorce. In a community where marriage and family is understood as the beacon of life and fulfillment, many divorced singles can find themselves more isolated with a community lacking receptivity.

Ohel Children’s Home & Family Services, a well-known social service agency within Jewish networks, is providing a number of new services to specifically address the increase of Children of Divorce. They’re hosting various communitywide public speaking engagements to both raise awareness and break down stigma. Ohel is also developing an adolescent leadership training program. Older divorce ‘survivors’ will be trained to become mentors to younger kids of divorce, while also receiving some form of supportive environment in a non-stigmatizing manner in the guise of leadership training.

The alarming increase in divorce is more frequent in families under 40 years of age. Of the total number of occurring divorces, 11% of them are from Orthodox families. Certain factors like women becoming more independent and less tolerant of emotional abuse play a large role in today’s divorces. Another factor in increased divorces is that younger couples generally struggle with having the same vision and level of commitment.


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