Ohr Torah Stone’s Amiel BaKehila program sent its 50th mission to Diaspora communities recently. Participants travelled to Buffalo, NY; Ottawa, ON, and West Hartford, CT between May 22–May 29 to boost cultural and educational engagement with Israel. They visited day schools, Jewish community centers, senior care facilities, synagogues, and local community lay leaders. The mission focused on the music scene in Israel and anti-Israel bias in the media.

Amiel BaKehila, a program of Ohr Torah Stone (OTS), is an exciting initiative run under the auspices of Israel’s Ministry of Diaspora Affairs aimed at empowering Jewish communities around the world through Jewish education, Israel engagement, and Jewish arts and culture. Working with small and mid-sized communities around the world, the program brings dynamic programming, speakers, and educators to unite, excite, and connect Jews to their local community and to the State of Israel. Since its inception last year, OTS Amiel BaKehila has run 50 missions to 25 communities. More than 130 delegates have participated, running more than 1,025 activities and reaching more than 32,000 people.

“The 50th mission of OTS Amiel BaKehila is a celebration of empowering Jews and enhancing Jewish life in small and mid-sized communities around the world,” said OTS Amiel BaKehila Director Rabbi Reuven Spolter. “Communities of this size unfortunately are not a regular stop for many dynamic educators and speakers from Israel because they are off the beaten track and in some cases also difficult to reach. Through this program we aim to fill the gap by providing a special and comprehensive experience for community members with a thirst for learning and connection. We are gratified as we launch our second year with an expanded mandate to reach an additional 43 communities throughout North America, South America, and Europe.”

“A core value at Ohr Torah Stone is making a decades-long impact on the Jewish world through our trained rabbinic and educational emissaries’ engaging and inspiring hundreds of thousands to explore, cherish, and connect to their Jewish roots and heritage,” said president and rosh hayeshiva of Ohr Torah Stone, Rabbi Dr. Kenneth Brander. “The OTS Amiel BaKehila program is another extension of that vision of global responsibility to the world Jewish community.”

Founded in 1983, Ohr Torah Stone is a Modern Orthodox network of 27 institutions which are transforming Jewish life, learning, and leadership worldwide. The network champions academic excellence, creative scholarship, and social justice, infused with intellectual openness and a deep sensitivity to contemporary concerns. It is creating the next generation of Modern Orthodox leaders and training them on how to deal with cutting edge issues that impact the global Jewish community. For more information, visit OTS.org.il. 


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