yes you guessed it! There is a lounge / Bar on board

It’s a price that can’t be met by many. The cost of a long haul first class air ticket can soar into the thousands.

Even three hours in the sky will set you back $650 on board an Emirates Airlines A380 super jumbo. So it makes sense to get your moneys worth.

Which is exactly what this man did flying from Bangkok to Hong Kong in April 2011, taking advantage of everything on offer.

So if you can’t afford to splash out yourself then you can at least experience upper class luxury in virtual form, although it’s probably best to avoid viewing while slumming it in cattle class.

yes you guessed it! There is a lounge / Bar on board

Smugly capturing a shot of his ‘First’ labeled baggage, the man, who posts under username ‘Volterrific’, guides viewers through what life is like within a first class Emirates suite.

His pod is decked out with a chair that doubles as a bed fronted by a large television screen positioned on a plush dressing table, adorned with a lit-up mirror, basket of treats and glass of champagne awaiting his arrival.

Next to the chair-come-bed – which can be programmed to give massages – is a fully-stocked mini bar and a newspaper, with a photo from Prince William’s wedding on the front page. 

No excess energy need be expended within the pod; the window covering goes up and down at the touch of a button as do shutters cocooning the pod in the ultimate privacy,

And luxury takes on a new level as the excitable cameraman ventures into the bathroom, a far cry from the average cramped aeroplane loo, the pet hate of many an economy-class flyer.

Stocked with toiletries, the candlelit room features a large shower to hose down at 40,000 feet.

As he walks back to his seat in anticipation of dinner the man passes sleeping passengers, clearly accustomed to first class travel. Others relish in the novelty, resisting sleep to enjoy all that luxury travel has to offer.

A bar is available to those who want to venture away from the minibar and the man stops off to try his hand at cocktail shaking, a wide grin on his face.

Rubbing in his privilege he even ventures into slumber-class to capture footage of economy fliers in significantly more cramped conditions.

The film then cuts back to his gourmet feast, served on china with real silverwear and a large glass of red wine. 

Salt and pepper comes not in paper sachets but mini grinders and elegant glass bottles of salad dressing set off the mile-high fine dining.

‘Wow that looks great,’ the man marvels as he tucks into chicken breast with a bean salsa, side salad and fresh bread roll. All washed down with a large glass of red wine.


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