Captain Ziv Shilon, a platoon commander in Givati, was severely injured 6 months ago when a roadside bomb planted by Hamas terrorists exploded during a routine patrol.

Doctors had to amputate one of Ziv’s arms and the other is totally crushed. Ziv spoke this week at an exclusive welcome reception honoring 10 severely wounded IDF soldiers at Chabad Israel Center of the Upper East Side and he said “my greatest wish is to be able to return to the IDF and to continue protecting Am Yisrael”

Ziv and 9 other severely wounded IDF soldiers and victims of terror are in New York for 10 days of therapy and fun on a trip called Belev Echad sponsored exclusively by Chabad Israel Center of the Upper East Side under Rabbi Uriel & Shevy Vigler. The soldiers are accompanied by Rabbi Menachem Kutner of Chabad Terror Victims Project who deals with these soldiers year round in Israel.

The Military attache of the IDf, Major General Yaacov Ayish heard about Belev Echad and cancelled all his appointments in Washington so that he can spend time with these brave heros. Speakers at the event also included Rabbi Benzion Krasnianski of the Chabad of the Upper East Side & Israel Consul Ido Aharoni. Mr Aharoni promised that as long as he is in New York he will always support Belev Echad.

Nati Hatzkor, who had his leg blown off from a missile right before Operation Cast Lead mentioned this week that words cannot describe the pain and agony that he experiences on a daily basis. He has to medicated marijuana for his pain and he joked and said ” I don’t know if I am on a high from the marijuana or from this incredible Belev Echad trip. However every day he forces himself to smile and be happy because if there is one day that he is sad and upset that day is a victory for the terrorists who did this to him.

Belev Echad is a program catered toward creating golden memories for severely wounded IDF soldiers and victims of terror, flying them to New York for ten trouble-free, worry-free days. In addition, Belev Echad aims to unite the Upper East Side Jewish community together with our beloved soldiers, educating us regarding daily life on the forefront of our battles.

Check out Chabad israel center site for more photos, videos and blog update:



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