Israeli Economy Minister Naftali Bennett. Photo: WikiCommons.

In a recent appearance on Qatar owned TV channel Al Jazeera, Israel’s Economy Minister Naftali Bennett lambasted the country as “the world’s greatest funder of terrorists.”

His comments came as Israel escalated its bloody war against Gaza based terror group Hamas.

“You know who stands behind Hamas? It’s Qatar. The owner of your own station. Qatar is funding Hamas with over a quarter billion dollars. They’re funding daily murders of Israeli children and Gazan children,” Bennett told his Al Jazeera interviewer. “And what we need is for Qatar to stop funding Hamas. To stop funding ISIS, to stop funding Al Qaeda.”

Bennett also called on world soccer authority FIFA to withdraw its 2022 World Cup hosting privileges from Qatar, saying it would be the best way to pressure the country to stop funding Hamas. He said allowing a World Cup to be hosted in Qatar would be “a prize to terror.”

Watch Naftali Bennett on Al Jazeera below:

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Source: The Algemeiner


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