By Larry Gordon

It certainly looks like over 1,000 Syrians were killed the other day by a chemical missile attack launched by their own government led by Bashaar Assad. President Obama while rightfully reluctant to embroil the US in another crazy and usually endless Arab oriented conflict nevertheless did say he was going to act on humane grounds but seems to be backtracking on those words.

Obama said more than a year ago that the use of Chemical weapons by the Assad regime would be his red line. Yes it looked like the thousand or so who died were gassed. They were certainly dead and being prepared for burial according to those on the scene. Their bodies bore no other injuries. You know what they say—if it looks like a duck and it walks like a duck and it talks like a duck then it is probably a duck. But not so in the Obama administration. They cannot say officially or conclusively that it is a duck and still have to investigate whether it is really and possibly a chicken disguised as a duck. What a bunch of quacks!

The State Department spokesman said yesterday that they are still looking into whether those murdered the other day were really and truly gassed. Yes they admit that it looked like it or something resembling that scenario, but they still require definitive and conclusive proof. It seems that short of the President actually being outside Damascus and sniffing around both literally and figuratively that whatever proof he or his associates could come up with would be somewhat short of conclusive.

And Assad knows that the US is in no shape to send troops or get involved in what is going on there beyond some stern rhetoric and some serious finger wagging. So with diplomatic support from Russia and China Assad laughs off Mr. Obama knowing that he is henpecked and handcuffed unwilling and unable to do anything other than issue some warnings about the next time this happens the president is going to be really, really be angry at him.

On the news last night Assad was seen meeting with his government officials. He didn’t look to shaken or concerned. Was that really Assad or someone wearing an Assad mask?


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