Fashion runways of 2015 are telling us one thing: this is the year of personality!

Inspired by the versatility of this year’s hues, layered with a range of eclectic patterns and dimensional textures as well as impeccable attention to detail, the interior-design world has tuned into the art of style and individuality as never seen before.

J Mark - Pillows

Reflecting this spirit, there are some hot trends that speak the language of personal style. This is a tempo of rich visual appeal, with texture and pattern playing a dominant role. Fringing, embroidery, lace, suede, and elaborate jacquards are among the tactile contributors. This theme of creativity spans the globe and eras. It’s eclectic and it’s layered with geometric patterns, border designs, and intricate jewel-toned florals.

Back in a big way are exceptional wallpaper designs that clearly define accent areas of interest, whether walls, ceilings, or focal points. This exciting comeback is leading to the creation of magnificent forms of personalized and individualized spaces for all to admire. Best of all, each of these trends can be interpreted and molded to seamlessly blend with each client’s unique, individual style and preferences.

J Mark - Bookcase

These are exciting times to be an interior designer, and J Mark designers are embracing the trending design freedoms with a newfound verve. It’s so refreshing!

Whether you are embarking on a full-scale renovation or simply looking to update your home, Jeffrey Mark and his team of experienced designers can help transform your home or commercial project.

Full-service packages include architectural planning and design, design concepts, project implementation and management, accessories, art selection, paint color selection, wall coverings, and floor tiles. Their custom work extends to kitchen and bath design, millwork, furniture placement and purchasing, and window treatments.

From modern to traditional, J Mark Interiors is always unique, innovative, and creative in all aspects of design. With a 6,500-square-foot New York showroom, as well as offices in Florida and Israel, J Mark will go the distance so you don’t have to.


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