Are we crazy? That is, have we actually really and definitively gone completely insane to actually even consider or entertain the notion that former disgraced Brooklyn Congressman is a serious candidate for Mayor or New York?

What is especially intriguing is that Anthony Weiner parades himself around town and presents himself as a qualified candidate despite his bawdy and salacious indulgences. He seems to think that it is okay and that the city or the country will look the other was as was done when Bill Clinton was president and also believed that he could compartmentalize his life. That is court women he came in contact with in a most perverted but what he thought was the all-American way at night and during the day double as being president.

And guess what—this crazy notion that this is okay gives birth to other similar type of sick and emotionally unbalanced situations. Weiner apparently looked over the Clinton handbook and former Governor Eliot Spitzer seems to have glanced over into Weiner’s corner and saw that the former Congressman is doing it so why can’t he? And up until a few days ago both were leading in their respective polls. So who’s crazy—us or them?

Today the Weiner candidacy is failing fast. It is a combination of a freak show and a bad circus act. Yes, I know, everyone loves a clown and this guy is the biggest political bozo to come our way in a long time. But we can’t seem to get rid of him. And that is the fault of our media outlets that are simply having too much fun at both Weiner’s and Spitzer’s expense.

The issue that needs to be addressed here is why some feel that people can exercise poor judgment and a bad decision making process in one area of their lives but another area of the same life will remain unscathed and uninfluenced by their deranged behavior. This is not the case in any area, vocation or endeavor. Why is it okay for these guys?


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