One man in his 20s was killed and 17 people were injured on Wednesday when a shipment of metal plates fell off a truck on Route 6 and hit the rear of an Egged bus.

Another man was injured shortly afterward after a three-truck collision occurred at the same location in the opposite lane.

An initial investigation found that the bus stopped in the right lane due to a technical difficullty. The truck, approaching from behind the bus, was unable to stop in time and as the driver swerved to avoid an accident its cargo fell off the trailer and hit the bus.

Highway 6, also known as Trans-Israel Highway and Cross-Israel Highway, and officially titled Yitzhak Rabin Highway, stretches from 138 kilometers from the north to the south of Israel

Of the injured, one is in critical condition and the rest escaped with light or moderate injuries. An emergency medical team arrived at the scene and the wounded were brought to Petah Tikva’s Beilinson Hospital. Rescue services had to pry lose a truck driver who was trapped in his cab.

The incident occurred between the Kessem and Horshim interchanges.

As emergency teams worked at the scene of the crash another accident happened on the other side of the road in the opposite direction. A truck driver suffered moderate injuries after he hit the truck in front of him.


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