z9Photos by Ivan H. Norman

On Thursday night, May 23, a siyum was held at Yeshiva of Far Rockaway for the third chazarah of Bava Metzia and the sixth or more for Kiddushin (it was the ninth time for Tzvi Samuels). The siyum was sponsored by Mr. & Mrs. Robert Samuels on the yahrzeit of Dovid Aryeh ben Yehoshua Wohl, a’h. Boys who participated in the siyum were Gavriel Braun, Dovid Braunschweig, Nechemia Bornstein, Eliyahu Eisenberg, Netanel Goldstein, Shalom Kanner, Yisroel Munk, Tzvi Yosef Samuels, and Yeshaya Shonek. Pictured here are Tzvi Samuels making his siyum and the yeshiva celebrating.

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