Soft-Spoken. Hard-Hitting.

Yes, it sounds like an oxymoron, but that is the only way to describe the incredible keynote speech by Caroline Glick at One Israel Fund’s 24th Annual Dinner this past Tuesday.

As she is wont to do, Ms. Glick spoke forcefully and passionately about protecting Jewish lives, both in Israel and around the world, without raising her voice or causing a stir. The simple logic of her words resonated with the 400+ diverse dinner attendees who hailed from across the political and religious spectrum and across the globe.

The backdrop of the Pittsburgh massacre gave import to her unapologetic message of Jewish strength and courage in the face of constant terror and anti-Semitism. She encapsulated her decades of expert experience on the ground in the Middle East, and echoed the clear mission statement that One Israel Fund operates by every day—building and securing the Heartland of our Nation.

The speech was the highlight of a poignant evening which paid tribute to several outstanding individuals who devote their time and energy to Israel and her people. Dr. Steven and Jacqui Herman of Englewood, NJ; Dr. Irwin and Donna Azman and Eli and Mila Burman of Baltimore, MD and David and Aurora Mosberg of Woodmere, all received awards for their exemplary devotion to One Israel Fund’s mission.

The program included two emotional presentations to Miriam Holman, a’h, and Elisheva Kaplan, a’h, neighbors and best friends who passed away this past year. Miriam was a devoted member of the One Israel Fund staff until she succumbed to a long illness at the age of 21. Elisheva, daughter of One Israel Fund’s cantor, Joel and Leah Kaplan, was murdered by a drunk driver, together with her chatan, Yisroel Leven, a’h, at age 20. Scott M. Feltman, executive vice president of One Israel Fund, announced the organization would be building a new playground in the community of Yitzhar in the hills of Samaria in their memory.

Finally, the special Shomer Yisrael Award was bestowed upon Marc Provisor, the director of security projects, who has been One Israel Fund’s frontline fighter for more than a decade. His fearless love of Yesha (the Hebrew acronym for the communities of Judea, Samaria, and what were once in Gush Katif) has earned him accolades far and wide and his advice is sought at the highest levels of Israel’s security apparatus. The eye-opening video presentation about Marc’s work shed light on the often underappreciated group of heroes who ensure the safety and security of residents living in Israel’s most dangerous areas.

The “master” emcee, Ben Brafman, expertly guided the program from welcoming the guests at the beginning of the program to the singing of Im Eshkacheich by Cantor Joel Kaplan at the conclusion and the cuisine presented by Main Event-Mauzone was over the top in variety, presentation and, of course, taste.

To watch Marc’s video as well as all the award presentations, visit, or “Like” the One Israel Fund Facebook page.


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