Nobody likes to say its name, but it’s on everyone’s mind. Nobody wishes to deal with it, but it’s an unfortunate reality for so many. We are referring to “the ‘C’ word,” “yene machla,” “the disease,” or various other ways that people refer to the dreaded illness medically known as cancer. It comes in so many forms, affects so many families, and takes over so many lives.

In response to this disease, the Rofeh Cholim Cancer Society works tirelessly on behalf of cancer patients and their families. Cancer doesn’t rest. It doesn’t break for Shabbos and yom tov, it doesn’t take a vacation for the summer, and it doesn’t cease for rain or snow. Neither does RCCS. The dedicated individuals who work for RCCS are on call 24/7. Wherever a family in KlalYisroel finds itself staring at a cancer diagnosis, they find RCCS right there beside them–together with them–with hope, help, and healing.

Whether it is paying for a top-rated insurance policy, advocating on behalf of patients against insurance companies, being there with patients in the hospital or caring for the family at home, serving as interpreters in doctors’ offices, or planning cholha’moed trips for the children, if cancer caused the problem, RCCS answers the call with a solution. Without fanfare and without waiting for them to ask for help, RCCS is there.

The roster of patients being cared for is long, and in October alone grew by an additional 78 patients, R’l. The impossible amounts of money needed to properly care for each patient is beyond belief. The current annual budget is just under $7 million, and the projections for the coming year are not bright.

How does RCCS shoulder this burdensome responsibility? KlalYisrael! A significant part of the budget is met via the generosity of donors, large and small, who realize the importance of this cause and feel the responsibility to their brethren to go above and beyond what they can and contribute to RCCS.

Another important source of funding for RCCS, which is excitedly being anticipated by Jews throughout the world, is the annual Chinese auction. This auction is more than just a way to win prizes. It is an event unto itself with the live participation of entertainers, singers, celebrities, rabbanim, RCCS volunteers, patients, and members of KlalYisrael from around the globe.

This year’s auction will take place on Monday, December 15. Though it’s fun and exciting (and arguably the most anticipated event of the year), it is important not to lose focus of its ultimate purpose: to answer the pleas of the cholim and give them the support they need–and deserve–by supporting the organization that supports them.

Cancer is the one problem. RCCS is the one solution. KlalYisrael is there for RCCS because RCCS is there for KlalYisrael. Together, we can ensure that our brothers and sister suffering from cancer can replace their pain with healing and their despair with hope.

For more information about RCCS and the upcoming auction, visit or call 877-332-2808.


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