NEW YORK– The steel skeleton atop One World Trade Center has been completed, reaching its highest point at 105 stories.

“We have topped out at 105 stories. We put the president’s beam in two weeks ago and topped out the steel — you can literally stand on the roof,” said Bill Baroni, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey deputy executive director, who added that he’s stood on the roof of what is now the tallest building in Manhattan.

The “presidential” beam was signed by President Barack Obama when he visited the site on June 14. Also signing the symbolic white beam were Gov. Chris Christie, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and site construction workers.

The next major work will be installation of the physical base for the spire and antenna mast, Baroni said. That will bring the building height to 1,776 feet. That spire will be hoisted to the top of the trade center in pieces after a concrete base is installed, he said.

“The big thing you can see is the glass will go in faster,” Baroni said.

As the tower has risen in height, progress on One World Trade Center is visible from miles away in New York and New Jersey. Other parts of the World Trade Center site, including the transportation hub connecting PATH trains to ferries and 10 New York City subway lines, is becoming recognizable, Baroni said.

“You can see it taking that shape that our (conceptual) pictures show,” he said.

Source: The Asbury Press


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