A car was left suspended over a staircase  after its elderly driver smashed into a San Diego children’s  hospital.

The driver, a 70-year-old, was taken to  hospital after his Toyota Camry crashed  into Rady Children’s Hospital Wednesday.

Witnesses said the car sped through the car  park and hit the building at a high speed – it is thought the accelerator may  have become stuck.

Witness Jody Taylor told UT San  Diego: ‘He was revving the engine  like he couldn’t get control of it.’

‘He was in midair,’ Ms Taylor  said.

Ms Taylor rushed over to help the man,  telling him to stay still until the emergency services arrived – she also called  his daughter.

‘What was scary was he was trying to get out  of the car,’ Ms Taylor said.

It took firefighters about 40 minutes to pull  the man out of the maroon car through a passenger door on a backboard.

He taken to Sharp hospital  for evaluation  after the 9:45 a.m. crash, San Diego Fire-Rescue  spokesman Maurice Luque  said.

Mr Luque said the driver he had to be traveling a high speed for his car to have ended up across the divide  rather  than going nose first into it.


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