Jews all over the USA scrambled to buy tickets on Expedia’s website, when the news broke that you can travel from JFK to Tel Aviv for just $336.80, including Tax.

These Eye-Popping prices went for sale at approx. 11AM today and it lasted for approx. 45minutes.

As expected, the opportunity was short-lived. It seems there was a glitch on the web site and  no one noticed it for approx. 45 minutes.

5TJT placed a phone call to El Al headquarters and it seems that they will honor the 350 they sold at those prices as long as the web booking agents that sold it will pay the difference, otherwise they they will cancel the reservations.

History shows us that these tickets will not be honored, as back in July of 2012, a computer glitch lowered the airfare for a first class flight on United Airlines from New York to Hong Kong to the price of 4 frequent flier miles and $33 in taxes – a price practically free for a seat that regularly sells for $10,250.

United eventually pulled the plug and announced it wasn’t honoring tickets already sold, AP reported. People could get a refund without paying a penalty or have the proper amount of miles deducted.


    • Nice going Sherlock, just so worked out that they ARE honoring the tickets.

      Enjoy the view from this side of the ocean!

  1. i am not so sure its a glitch, i think its more like a cheap way of getting attention or traffic to the site

    They should be investigated


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