A Florida prosecutor hoping to convict George Zimmerman of murder in the Trayvon Martin shooting made a humiliating blunder when her office released a photo of the teen’s body.

The documents were released today by the office of Special Prosecutor Angela Corey in the case of Zimmerman, who has been charged with second-degree murder in Martin’s February 26 death.

But among the pages of evidence was a photo of Martin taken right after his death, as well as Zimmerman’s college records – which were supposed to be kept confidential.

The image showed the teen’s body face-down in a grassy area where he had been shot in a scuffle with Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch captain.

The records from Seminole State College revealed that Zimmerman had been placed on academic probation in 2011 for failing to keep his grade point average above 2.0.

They also said that Zimmerman had been granted an administrative withdrawal about a month after the shooting.

Meanwhile, Zimmerman will seek to have second-degree murder charges dismissed under Florida’s ‘stand your ground’ law in the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, his attorney said Thursday.

The hearing, which likely won’t take place for several months, will amount to a mini-trial involving much of the evidence collected by prosecutors as well as expert testimony from both sides.

Although the posting did not say so, legal experts say it’s likely that Zimmerman himself would testify since he is the sole survivor of the February 26 confrontation.

“Most of the arguments, witnesses, experts and evidence that the defence would muster in a criminal trial will be presented in the ‘stand your ground’ hearing,’ said the statement posted on Zimmerman’s official defence website.

Under the law, Circuit Judge Kenneth Lester can dismiss the charges if Zimmerman conclusively shows he fatally shot Martin because he ‘reasonably believed’ he might be killed or suffer ‘great bodily harm’ at the hands of the unarmed teenager.

Source: The Daily Mail


  1. If the media would not jump on this story, Zimmerman would have long been found just in defending himself.

    This has become a media circus and Zimmerman will probably do some real jail time because they want to make sure that the Blacks dont go wild like they did by the OJ days in California.

    What a country we have become.

  2. Show some guts, Florida! What ever happened to “Stand Your Ground”? Show some guts and call it the way it is.

    He was released in the first place and only after the media decided to make a racial-headline story, did they change course and arrested him.

    Keep giving in to these bums, and see where we’re ending up.


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