Serena Sidlow
Yeshiva University High School for Girls — Central

Many people in America suffer with obesity. It is a growing problem that is starting to affect young children too. We can combat this problem with a litany of solutions. One of those solutions is making gyms free. Many poor people must buy from low-priced food chains. The food is high calorie but low priced. They can’t afford healthy foods like salads. Making gyms free would allow poor people to work out.

Another way to fight off obesity is to have nutrition classes. If you teach children at a young age how to eat well, it will stay with them their whole life. It is an important lesson that needs to be taught. Also fast food chains must restrict how much people order. If someone is ordering five hamburgers and it is obvious that it is only for themselves, someone should restrict the order.

It may still be hard to get people to listen. They will say that it is the person’s fault and that they should fix it themselves. How do you get the person to want to go to the gym or want to listen to the speaker talking about nutrition? Well to those people I say, you are just giving up on the people and not giving them a chance. Just think about this, there is a show called My 600 Pound Life that shows people who are 600 pounds. It goes on the journey with them to losing weight. If this show hadn’t started helping people, they would probably still be 600 pounds.

What could be the future of the world if we don’t combat obesity?



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