Students at HANC Elementary


The doors of HANC’s Samuel and Elizabeth Bass Golding Elementary School were open wide on Monday evening to welcome new families to its annual open house. As the beit midrash filled with prospective parents, the visitors were greeted by the administrators, teachers, and board members who were eager to share the many aspects of the school that make it a warm home for so many students. After opening remarks by Rabbi Yaakov Sadigh, the audience viewed the HANC video that presented a glimpse of the school in action, coupled with testimonial remarks from students, staff members, and current parents.

Following the initial presentations, the parents visited several stations that highlighted different components in the school’s robust curriculum. Morah Rebecca Nenner, Morah Aliza Rosenblum, and Morah Rebecca Weiss presented an overview of the kindergarten curriculum, focusing on the phonics program Fundations. The parents participated in a sky writing lesson and were presented with letter boards that the children use to enhance their reading skills. Morah Michal Wasser demonstrated how the children learn math with the assistance of math manipulatives. The parents were then presented with riddles to solve, using the methods that are utilized in class.

The topic of literacy was covered by Mrs. Dara Reif. After explaining how the Balanced Literacy program is used throughout the grades, the parents were presented with a book and experienced a sample reading lesson. HANC’s unique music program was presented by the music teacher, Rabbi Moshe Mindick. Following a lesson on beat and rhythm, the parents had the opportunity to play on the bongos, tambourines, and djembes.

Hebrew instruction throughout the grades, beginning with the Chalav U’Dvash kindergarten program and progressing through Tal Am and iTal Am in the upper grades, was presented by the Hebrew coordinator, Morah Dafna Berman. Interacting with the online program on iPads allowed parents to experience the engaging program that enables the children to develop strong Hebrew skills with the assistance of technology. In addition, Morah Hila Haimoff demonstrated how parashah is taught in class. She presented a lesson from parashas Vayera which focused on the mitzvah of hachnasat orchim (welcoming guests).

Highlighting the technology education at HANC, Mr. Jonathan Eisenkraft welcomed the parents to the STEAM room. As an example of an experiential science lesson, he presented an air experiment as well as demonstrated how children are introduced to Lego robotics. Programming and coding are cherished activities that the HANC students look forward to.

HANC wishes to thank all of the teachers, staff members, board members, and PTA President Debra Wunder, who gave of their time to make this year’s open house a great success.


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