Dear Neighbor,

We would like to share several significant pieces of information with you:

  1. The developers have decided to close the Woodmere Club to golfing at the end of this season due to high operating costs and they will close the club for good in approximately one year.
  2. The Town of Hempstead, Village of Lawrence, and Village of Woodsburgh have entered into an inter-municipal agreement (IMA), which basically means they have joined forces and will be working as a united front when dealing with the developer.
  3. The developer has unveiled another possible plan for the property. As you may recall, their initial plan was to build 285 single family homes. Now, they have put forth another proposal: the construction of a “55 and older” condominium complex with approximately 200–225 units. They would also plan to build approximately 65 single-family homes on the remainder of the property.

While this reduction in dense single-family housing is a step in the right direction, our stance is that it doesn’t go far enough. They have simply shuffled the deck. They are still planning to add the same 285 households to our already overcrowded neighborhood. This is still the equivalent of a sixth town.

Please note, as with the initial proposal, this is by no means a “done deal” nor is this the final plan. There will be many changes and iterations along the way. And we have by no means given up. While the likelihood of zero development is not removed from the realm of possibility, it might not be likely since the SEQRA review could still allow for some development even in the face of major impediments. Further, at this juncture the concept of The Town of Hempstead or Nassau County purchasing the property or “taking” the property via condemnation/eminent domain prior to the SEQRA studies is slim. Once the studies are completed, the plans and proposals will likely change again.

While we acknowledge that we are dealing with a private developer looking to develop privately held land, the fact remains this is our community and we should have a say as well.

Let us hear your voice. Please respond to with your thoughts and opinions regarding their latest proposal.

Lastly, in addition to your feedback, we also need contributions to our legal fund. Our attorney, Howard Avrutine, has been advocating for us and advising us every step of the way and we need his continued expertise through every step in this long process. Checks can be mailed to 5TCA, PO Box 462, Woodmere, NY 11598, or you can donate via the PayPal link on our website,


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