1The excitement was palpable on Thursday, September 7, as students and faculty arrived for the first day of classes at the Shulamith School for Girls Middle Division. Mrs. Rookie Billet, principal, Dr. Evelyn Gross, assistant principal, and Morah Chana Schwartz, director of student activities, were on hand to welcome each student back to school. It was heartwarming to watch students bask in the warm hugs of their teachers and friends!

After a communal tefillah, the girls enjoyed a brief opening day assembly. Mrs. Rachel Steiner, director of student activities, introduced eighth graders Ariella Lax, Abby Lieber, and Aliza Pfeffer, heads of this year’s tech committee. Students laughed, cheered, and applauded as they watched a slideshow of last year’s extracurricular highlights. When the show ended, Mrs. Steiner announced this year’s G.O. theme, “Going Places,” and G.O. 2015 took the stage. Dressed as Parisian artists, complete with berets and smocks, presidents Sela Pollack and Rachelli Wasser and vice presidents Tamar Davies and Eliana Eichler performed their G.O. song, composed to the tune of “It’s a Small World.” Students then received their schedules, and, to cap off the morning’s festivities, everyone was treated to a donut and a drink from the “Shulamith Café.”

For the students of Shulamith, a year of adventure and exploration awaits. The administration looks forward to sharing the journey with the students and parents as they travel “Around the World in 180 Days!”


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