Israeli soldiers prepare for battle. Photo: Naftali Bennett.

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1:01 pm — The IDF released a report on overnight missions in Gaza. One Israeli solder was killed as were 14 terrorists:

Yesterday at approximately 22:00 IDT, the IDF initiated the ground phase of Operation Protective Edge in the Gaza Strip. The goal is to establish a reality in which Israeli residents can live in safety without continues indiscriminate terror, while striking a significant blow to Hamas’ terror infrastructure.

Over the course of the night; infantry, armored corps, engineer corps, artillery, and intelligence forces operated on the ground in various locations across the Gaza Strip, along with aerial and naval support.

Initial indication suggests that the results thus far fall in line with IDF expectations, as IDF forces have succeeded in neutralizing some 14 terrorists in several exchanges of fire. Also, IDF forces exposed and destroyed some 20 concealed rocket launchers, carried out approximately 9 strikes on tunnels, and targeting altogether over 103 terror targets. Additionally, IDF ground forces are advancing in their respective missions, including identifying and combating the terror tunnel threat.

Overnight, an IDF soldier was killed in the northern Gaza Strip. The soldier’s family has been notified.

Since the beginning of the of the ground phase of the operation, about 50 rockets were fired at Israel, 25 of which hit Israel and another 20 intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system.

In addition, overnight, an anti- tank missile hit an IDF heavy bulldozer in the southern Gaza Strip, causing damage. No injuries were reported.

PREAMBLE: 1:00 am – Early on Tuesday July 8th Israel launched Operation Protective Edge aimed at stopping “the constant terror activity that Hamas is aiming at Israeli civilians.” The major Gaza initiative comes in response to a significant increase in rocket attacks from the coastal enclave over the past weeks.

Since the start of the initiative Israel has targeted over 1600 terror sites and has seen over 1200 rockets fired from Gaza at Israeli cities including Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Gedera. More than 6 million Israelis are under threat of rocket attacks and many are spending the nights in bomb shelters. Over 200 deaths have been reported in Gaza and one Israeli was killed in a mortar strike.

This Tuesday, while Israel accepted an Egyptian proposed ceasefire, Hamas rejected it and fired volleys of rockets into Israel.

Late on Thursday night the IDF launched an extensive ground offensive in Gaza.

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