JNS.orgIn advance of the potential fourth stage of Israel’s prisoner release, opposition Members of Knesset called on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to freeze settlement construction instead of freeing 26 more Palestinian terrorists.

“Exchanging the prisoner release for a freeze of settlement construction at least during negotiations is the right thing for the government, for bereaved families, for our sense of justice and for Israel as a whole,” said MK Hilik Bar (Labor), who authored a letter to Netanyahu on Monday signed by MKs from the Labor and Shas parties. “A freeze can always be stopped and ‘thawed’ once again.”

Meanwhile, before the 12th anniversary of the Passover bombing of Netanya’s Park Hotel, in which 30 Israelis were killed, the group “My Israel” organized a march in Netanya by bereaved families protesting the prisoner release. After the march, a demonstration outside the Park Hotel drew more than 250 people, Israel Hayom reported.

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Source: The Algemeiner


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