NEW YORK – Muslims gathering to celebrate the end of Ramadan at a New York City park found uncooked bacon scattered around, and police are investigating it as a possible bias crime.

Organizers say the bacon pieces were found in a small section of the New Dorp Beach park Sunday morning.

Muslims are prohibited from eating pork products. The New York chapter of the Council of American-Islamic Relations says pork is often used to offend or taunt Muslims. It says there have been similar taunts around the country.

Only a handful of organizers from the Muslim American Society on Staten Island noticed the pork in the park.

One organizer told the Staten Island Advance that about 1,500 worshippers gathered Sunday to celebrate the end of the monthlong fast of Ramadan.

Source: The Wall Street Journal


  1. Now they have to kasher all their stuff, or will they just go out and kill 5,000 children to revenge this in the name of allah?

  2. Notice the plates on the floor – so uncivilized – eating like the animals that they are. It should have been rat poison, not bacon, sprinkled around their food. Y’mach sh’mam.


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