By Rochelle Miller

With an abundance of theme parks and a plethora of exciting adventures for daily action-packed experiences, Orlando is the perfect destination for a Pesach family getaway. In addition to Disney World, the city is home to Universal Studios Orlando, SeaWorld, LEGOLand, and other theme parks to keep families visiting Orlando entertained throughout the entire chol ha’moed and during encore visits to the city as well.

Moreover, it’s an easy flight into Orlando from most major airports, making the city a good spot for visiting other great places in central Florida, including the Kennedy Space Center on the East Coast of Florida and Sanibel and Captiva Islands on the West Coast.

Orlando is called “the City Beautiful” for a reason. The tropical climate makes almost every day feel like a vacation in this fabulous Floridian paradise and there are several famous beaches within close proximity.

Additionally, it is the perfect destination for anyone looking to try a new water sport or partake in exciting animal encounters. From parasailing and wake boarding to tubing and knee boarding, Orlando has all outdoor water sports covered. For nature enthusiasts, Orlando offers a wide variety of Florida Everglades tours, allowing visitors to explore the swamp lands and all of its natural inhabitants.

Orlando is one of the world’s most-visited family destinations. Aside from the themed attractions it features, the city itself has a celebratory atmosphere as well as the sort of shopping opportunities that make it worth traveling there. Moreover, Orlando also has great weather throughout the year, therefore making any time the perfect time to visit.

This is precisely why Orlando has become the premier destination choice of Orthodox families during Yeshiva Break week and Pesach. With an ever-increasing number of available Pesach programs competing for the kosher traveler, offerings include private villas ranging from basic to luxury accommodations, and three- to five-star hotels. By all indications, it appears to be a “buyers’ market”; however, let the buyer beware! All too often, we have heard of (or experienced!) programs that are overbooked and/or mismanaged and companies that are ejected from resort sites, leaving guests without food or lodging, forced to fend for themselves during the Sedarim.

Prior to booking your Pesach reservation, it is absolutely essential to conduct extensive research and perform due diligence regarding the program options you are considering. Most programs require full payment well in advance of Pesach and while we would like to assume that most program operators are trustworthy, regrettably, this is not always the case. Be an educated consumer; research the company’s background and experience in the hospitality and business industries. Have they operated programs previously? Speak to former guests.

Happily, families in search of a truly unforgettable Pesach experience in Orlando will find an array of fabulous options this year, operated by highly reputable and ethical companies. One of the most impressive is Pesach by Villatel Kosher Events, quite possibly the best way to experience Pesach in Orlando.

Villatel offers a boutique Pesach getaway, complete with daily minyanim, daily catered meals, the most luxurious amenities, and newly built vacation homes. The Pesach program will take place in select homes, owned and managed by Villatel, located in two premier resort communities: Solara and Solterra.

Davening and Kiddushim will be provided in one central villa in each community. The program will launch on the evening of Tuesday, April 7 with a delicious dinner delivered, heralding what promises to be a Pesach to remember. Throughout the program, guests will enjoy congeniality, comfort, and the convenience of having all yom tov meals, as well as catered desserts and snacks, delivered to the kitchens of each villa. Choose from a plethora of palate-pleasing breakfast possibilities from Villatel’s grocery partner, The Grove, as well as any yom tov “extras” of choice (although your Villatel hosts have meticulously orchestrated every detail to perfection!). And as chol ha’moed beckons with nary a moment to spare, remember to pick up the delicious box lunch that awaits you prior to embarking upon your family adventure.

Savor world-class culinary fare throughout yom tov, masterfully prepared by a top-tier catering team and delivered to your door. Every meal is non-gebrokts and kitniyot-free and includes shemurah matzah (hand and machine) and assorted beverages and wine for the Sedarim. Additionally, guests may preorder their choice of higher-end options from a wine list prior to Pesach.

Villatel is the only company focused on creating, maintaining, and servicing vacation homes and properties for families. By designing and managing every property in their collection, they guarantee their guests’ consistency, reliability, as well as the highest standard of product quality across their portfolio. Simply stated, the Villatel name speaks volumes. When you book your Pesach program with them, you are dealing with a company that has earned a sterling reputation for integrity. From concept to completion, they purchase, design, and manage their own homes. Their curated approach allows them to select spaces that work for large groups in locations where they wish to spend their time. Additionally, it allows Villatel to own the look and feel of every villa, and allows them to provide the unsurpassed signature service that their guests deserve on every vacation. As leaders in the hospitality industry, Villatel is a premier choice for a truly kosher, beautiful, and perfect Pesach experience.

Truly the Pesach experience of which lifetime memories are made, Villatel’s custom-designed villas promise unparalleled space, luxury, and amenities, allowing the entire family to savor the splendor of yom tov in the City of Beauty.

Renting a villa is a great option for families. Beautifully appointed, each of the 8- to 10-bedroom villas features a koshered kitchen with all utensils provided, excellent living space and lounge area, a game room, theme room, private pool, home theater, arcade, and much more. These villas are a destination of their own where family will enjoy every moment and not want to leave.

Limitless villa services and add-ons include helpful planning of such incredible experiences as golf packages, VIP theme park tickets, villa spa treatment, and more in this enchanted city.

Adhering to impeccable standards of kashrus, every villa is koshered prior to the guests’ arrival, under the strict rabbinical supervision of the ORB. Each kitchen is fully stocked with brand-new toiveled pots, pans, and kitchen utensils. All food is certified kosher under the OU and/or ORB.

Truly an extraordinary Pesach experience, Villatel offers guests precious privacy and treasured time with family as well as limitless social opportunities to form new and lasting friendships. It’s a win-win situation!

Rochelle Maruch Miller is a contributing editor for the Five Towns Jewish Times. She is a journalist, creative media consultant, lecturer, and educator, and writes for magazines, newspapers, websites, and private clients. She welcomes your comments at


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