By L. Braun

Teaching children to read is the foundation of all schooling. Good teachers are always looking for best practice and current research in the field of reading. How does the good teacher help the struggling student learn to read?

The research-based authentic Orton-Gillingham approach is the most successful and effective way of teaching struggling readers. This approach is supported by current research on how the brain processes language and has been successfully used to teach reading, writing, comprehension, and spelling for decades. This year’s Orton-Gillingham teacher-training program begins November 16. Participants can choose to be trained in Orton-Gillingham strategies for either Hebrew or English.

“What a berachah,” said Rabbi Shaul Shimon Deutsch, founder of the Living Torah Museum, a dyslexic himself, and the menahelruchani of Ohr HaLimud’s Multi-Sensory Orton-Gillingham programs. “We are very excited to be offering our successful Orton-Gillingham training to the community. Our past trainees work in many of our schools as well as in private practice, but we need more teachers to meet the demand.”

About 15% of the U.S. population is dyslexic. Dyslexia is so common, yet most people don’t realize the tremendous impact it has on our children, on our families, and our community. Dyslexic readers and learners are some of the brightest people in the world. Yet many suffer in the classroom and later on in life, never achieving their potential. We, as a community, cannot afford to lose these valuable members and their contributions. Dyslexics just need to learn in a multisensory way–the authentic Orton-Gillingham way.

“I ask myself all the time,” said Rabbi Deutsch, “where was Ohr HaLimud when I was growing up? Why did I have to struggle and work so hard? No one ever explained to me that dyslexia is just a mechanical glitch in the brain and nothing to do with intelligence.” It can be fixed, and learning with the Orton-Gillingham Approach does just that.

“We are now ready, with the help of Hashem, to change the world of children and families for generations to come. Professional teacher-training is the first step.”

Don’t wait; register now for the Orton-Gillingham training course, as space is limited. Financial aid is available. A grant from the Gruss Lipper Family Foundation provides tuition assistance for all applicants. Amounts are based on applicants’ credentials and participation in the entire program. Classes are open to men and women, with separate seating, and take place in the evening. For more information, call 718-972-0170, ext. 101 for a complete application package. There are children waiting for you to teach them how to read!


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