By Larry Gordon –

Jacob Ostreicher and Jonathan Pollard probably have very little in common. That was up until a few days or maybe weeks ago when both needed the same thing. And that was and for Pollard still is, the need to get out of a corruption laced incarceration based on injustice and discrimination.

Now there are few comparisons that are legitimate between the United States and Bolivia. In fact the contrasts between the two are immense. The US is a great country and Bolivia is not. That is, sad to say, except when it comes to the imprisonment of these two Jews.

There is a hope out there that President Obama he always expresses concern about doing what he deems is fair and right will find it in his heart as the New Year approaches to bring the Pollard nightmare to an end. You know the story. Pollard is in the 29th ear of his confinement for spying for Israel on the US. As time goes on it is being revealed that little or no damage was done by his sharing American secret documents with Israel.

Additionally it has been found of late that out there in the international community everyone seems to be spying to a degree on everyone else. Still while our hopes are high for action on Pollard the reality is that it does not look promising.

Things looked pretty gloom for Jacob Ostreicher as well until he was spirited out of that South American hell hole sometime over the last few weeks. The details are secret. The circumstances of his imprisonment diverge widely from that of Mr. Pollard. But out is out and free is free, and that’s what we need in the Pollard case now more than ever.


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