The sixth grade students of Shulamith Middle Division traveled to the Museum of Natural History, where they enjoyed the world-famous dioramas of animals from around the world, and exhibits as diverse as Ocean Life, dinosaur fossils, and ancient people and civilizations. Their favorite exhibit, hands down, was the interactive “Our Senses”, which allowed the girls to see the gifts Hashem has endowed us with in a whole new way.

On the same day, the seventh graders went to the Museum of Jewish Heritage. The girls toured the first two floors of the museum, viewing the collection of hundreds of artifacts from throughout Jewish history, and stopped along the way to watch different videos. Docents asked the girls questions and many were eager to respond or share short stories of their own family history.

On the second floor, students learned more about what led to the Holocaust and some of the atrocities that occurred. Students came away with much knowledge and the message of how important it is to continue to learn and remember so that nothing like this ever happens again.


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