By Larry Gordon –

The outrage at the release of 65 Taliban murderers in Afghanistan by that countries President, Hamad Karzai is both just and admirable. America has spent $750 billion trying to glue that tattered and pathetic country back together over the last thirteen years but the place is as corrupt and as chaotic as ever.

The upset and objections to the release of the murderers in Kabul nevertheless comes in stark contradiction to the lack of the same emotion and diplomatic objection (and even encouragement and facilitation) when Israel was coaxed and cajoled into releasing 104 judicially convicted murderers of Israeli men, women and children.

So the question and issue is how can these two similar events coexist on the same international and diplomatic scenario. Even though Karzai harbors little more than disdain for Americans his objective here was to placate his terrorist opposition in the Taliban. The US encouraged Israel to release the 104 murderers to also placate a terrorist enemy, this time it was Israel’s terrorists that would be free to kill again just like those in Afghanistan.

So where is the sense, the justice and uniformity of policy? Or is this just the usual double standard that is dispensed when it comes to Israel?


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