It’s a special time of year—a quasi-non-observable holiday for us that affords many of us some down time without the trappings of pressure or intense preparation or observance that usually accompanies our holidays.

It is one of theirs and everyone is watching the calendar and the clock, running home or to an end of year party just to cash in on the season.  Speaking of cash, others are doing less partying and running instead to their accountant’s office trying to make heads or tails of the expiring tax laws and how they will interface with the lapsed or soon to be instituted scary new tax policies.

The news overnight here in New York was something between mildly sickening and depressing.  Another person was pushed to their death off a subway platform, this time by a woman at a #7 station in Queens.  It is still not known if it was just a random thrill kill, a drug induced psychotic episode or whether there was any kind of relationship between the two.  You need to stay tuned for that.

I had the radio on overnight so I kept fading in and out of sleep and hearing this story every 15 minutes or so being emotionally sickened by it and feeling awful for yet another man and family that have been victimized by these ridiculous violent episodes.  Not a very good holiday season for them unfortunately.

And our President, Mr. Obama also had to deal with some rough news yesterday having to fly back from Hawaii where the temperature is in the mid 80’s, to Washington where it is about 25 degrees and going to snow over the weekend.  It probably even gets chillier when he has to sit down in a room the Speak John Bohener and Republican Senator Mitch McConnell to hammer out a budget deal that stops everyone’s taxes from going through the roof. I have mixed feeling about this issue thinking that maybe, just maybe, we should allow the Bush era tax cuts to lapse. Hey, after all, we live and breathe here in this country and what do you know–the country needs the money.

So what’s your opinion—tax cut lapse or not? They are determined to take this down to the wire or at least the Republicans are determined to make sure President Obama does not make it back to Hawaii before the clock strikes midnight on Monday.

Hopefully the food over Shabbos will be much better than the news.  At least tonight I don’t have to deal with overnight news—just overnight Kugel. 


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