Despite a yearlong series of heavy sanctions on Gaza, the Palestinian Authority on Monday ordered vital chemotherapy medications to be sent to the Hamas-controlled region.

The terror-run region’s health officials reported that 700 cancer patients, including 200 children, did not receive their chemotherapy doses at Gaza City’s Abdel al-Aziz al-Rantisi Hospital on Monday because 45 of 60 chemotherapy drugs were out of stock.

The delivery was reported by the PA’s WAFA news site, but details as to the amount of medication and their estimated arrival date were not publicized.

The PA is the primary provider of medication to Gaza, though international bodies also offer some drugs to pharmacies.

The PA has been attempting to pressure Hamas to cede power to Gaza for more than a year, imposing heavy financial sanctions on the region, including large pay cuts to tens of thousands of employees. Hamas took control of Gaza in a coup in 2007.

The Palestinian Authority similarly halted vital medication and medical-equipment shipments to Gaza for several months in 2017, before resuming in November 2017.