(JNS.org) While the Palestinian Authority (PA) demands
the release of all Palestinian terrorists imprisoned before the signing of the
1993 Oslo Accords as a precondition for the restarting of peace negotiations
with Israel, the PA media has been glorifying the murders committed by those
pre-Oslo terrorists,
Palestinian Media Watch reported in its June 19

Footage from a recent PA TV broadcast that glorified pre-Oslo terrorist Ibrahim Faiz Abu Ali. Credit: Palestinian Media Watch.

On a PA
broadcast that aired June 6 and June 8, the narrator called terrorist Ibrahim Faiz Abu Ali, who murdered 24 year-old taxi driver Roni Levy in
December 1990, a “hero whose struggle brought honor to us and all of humanity.”
Similarly, on a PA TV broadcast that
aired May 11 and May 12, the narrator called terrorist Faraj Saleh Abdallah Al-Rimahi, who
beat 84 year-old Avraham Kinstler to death with a hoe in 1992, a “giant hero” who
is “still writing the finest epics of endurance, heroism and self-sacrifice.”
Both of these pre-Oslo terrorists are serving life sentences in Israeli prison.

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Source: JNS.org


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